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Micara Lands Gated Community Tanza Cavite

March 24, 2020

Micara Lands Gated Community Tanza Cavite

Live in Micara Estates - Tanza’s Gated Community in Tanza, Cavite

When you hear the words “gated community,” one of the things that may pop in your mind is famous and rich people in a first-class subdivision. Living in this type of neighborhood, however, isn’t reserved for or limited to the upper class. Middle-class individuals and families can choose to live in a community with this setup.

What is a Gated Neighborhood?

The term refers to a kind of community that controls the access of people coming in and out of the subdivision. Residents and their guests must go through at least one gate to arrive at their intended destination inside the community. Some gated neighborhoods have an automatic gate that opens using a remote control, key card, or other similar technology. Others are equipped with a booth and a security guard who checks and interviews people entering the gate. People can find these types of neighborhoods in both urban and rural areas.

The Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

Being a part of this exclusive community allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved Security – A guarded gate deters potential thieves, vandals, and other criminals from causing problems to your community. Passersby and motorists will be required to use some form of entry card or explain their purpose of entry to the security staff before they’re allowed to enter.
  • Reduced Vehicle Speeds – Some motorists drive their vehicles too recklessly. This can make the streets dangerous for pedestrians, children, and drivers backing out from their garage. With a gated neighborhood, all vehicles must stop at the gate before entering. This controls the speed of entering motorists, making them drive more carefully within the residential streets.
  • Better Sense of Community – Living in a gated community means seeing the same neighbors every day. It provides you with an opportunity to learn more about the other residents living in your area. Gated neighborhoods often have friendly parties and other social events that allow you to bond with your neighbors.
  • Quiet Neighborhood – People living in houses or condos in the metro must bear with the blaring sounds of vehicles and the horde of crowds going to and from their place of destination. This isn’t the case when you live in a gated community, especially when it’s outside of the metro. You are far away from the noise and the chaos generated by large cities.

Providing a Gated Community for Families

Living in a gated neighborhood without spending a lot of money on a home is possible with Micara Estates - Tanza our gated community in Cavite is in A. Soriano Avenue, Barangay Sahud-Ulan, Tanza.

We value the safety of the residents in the community by equipping each area of the Micara Estates-Tanza with a gate and a guardhouse. This keeps unwanted intruders and solicitors out of the neighborhood. Tiyak ang kaligtasan ng buong pamilya. 'Yan ang Alagang Micara.

Apart from the gate, we have roving security guards that patrol the area and keep the streets in the community safe from crime or trouble. We offer 24/7 security to residents; you and your family will feel safe day and night.

Other Amenities for Future Residents

Security is not the only great feature of our affordable subdivision in Cavite. Future homeowners can also look forward to the following amenities:

  • Micara Plaza – This commercial center allows residents to purchase their everyday needs.
  • Multipurpose Basketball Court –Residents can use this court for sports and other activities.
  • Green Living – Experience green living with Micara Estates –Tanza’s trees and plants.   

These amenities (along with the other benefits of being a resident of our gated community) are part of our “Alagang Micara” experience. We want to take care of the needs of families and young professionals living in our neighborhood. And of course, we want future residents to have a place they can call their home.

Pay us a visit at our office at 55 Tinio Street, Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. You can also send us a message on our Facebook page for any inquiries about our house and lot for sale.