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3 Ways Internet-Ready Homes Support the Work-from-Home Lifestyle

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3 Ways Internet-Ready Homes Support the Work-from-Home Lifestyle

A year into the health crisis that drastically changed our lives, we’ve grown used to the new normal of work. From our homes, we finish business reports like a champ and meet clients in virtual rooms, dressed in formal, professional outfits (from the waist up at least). But while we mastered the art of staving off distractions and looking good during online huddles, we became more familiar with the struggles of the work-from-home setup. For the most part, it’s in our internet connection.

It’s not surprising that most people today are looking for homes that offer reliable internet. In Lamudi’s trend report Property investment as a safe haven during a crisis, Wi-Fi represented eight percent of the searches in the real estate portal in the first half of 2020. As work-from-home becomes part of business operations, it’s likely that property seekers will keep connectivity amenities at the top of their priority list.

If you’re young professional planning to move out of the family home, look for a fiber-internet-ready community. A stable internet connection will support your work-from-home setup in these ways:

Boost Your Productivity

Fiber offers faster broadband internet connection, compared to cable and DSL internet. This is because it uses thin, small glass strands that allow transmission of data in light signals, rather than electricity in cables. Think of your data being transferred “at the speed of light.” When you have an internet connection like that, you will not just be able to work on your tasks, but also deliver them in the fastest way possible.

Without lags on your internet, you can quickly get the information you need online, send large sizes of report attachments with ease, and run meetings smoothly. In the future when you decide to have kids, they won’t have a problem when it comes to online classes. 

Condominium developments in the metro are not the only ones offering fast internet services. A few modern subdivisions outside the capital, including Micara Estates-Tanza in Cavite, provide this. A fiber-internet-ready community, it’s ideal for young professionals who are looking for their first home. The developer Pro-Friends prioritized setting up an internet facility in the project as part of their commitment to provide the best care for future homeowners.

Micara Estates-Tanza has two house models. Portia, a two-story property, has a lot area of 45sqm and a floor area of 40 sqm. Felicia, also a two-story house, features a lot and floor area of 50 square meters. Aside from the fiber internet services, it provides the perfect space for young professionals. You can even turn one bedroom into a dedicated office space.

Embrace Leisure Activities

Amid the work-from-home responsibilities brought by the pandemic, recreation is more important. It’s supposed to give us the break we need from the stress. Unfortunately, we can’t easily go outside to unwind and let loose, given the quarantine measures. The fix many professionals turn to these days is leisure at home: Netflix and chill on weekends, virtual workout classes on weeknights, and online shopping.

With stable internet at home, you can indulge in all of these activities. In Micara Estates-Tanza, it’s easy to balance work and play. What’s more, the neighborhood features a playground and multi-purpose court. Since the development is within a mixed-use estate, your home is close to shopping, dining, and entertainment establishments. You can drop by these amenities every now and then in case you do want to step outside of your house.

Adopt High-Tech Devices

Remote work may seem simpler than the old normal of work. But if you look at it more closely, it’s more demanding, as it involves taking care both of office work and household chores. Pre-pandemic, you can go straight to work once you arrive at the office; now, you’ll have to cook lunch for the family or sweep the floors for a cleaner work environment. It’s not easy to focus on office work when you have a nagging thought of dirty sinks and pasta recipes.

When your home is fiber-internet-ready, such as in Micara Estates, you can introduce intelligent devices that can help you with household chores. You can have a robot vacuum that can clean the house on command from your smartphone or an internet-powered oven where you can bake, reheat or broil food without a hassle. With less work on meal preparations and home cleaning, you can better focus on meeting clients and completing those marketing reports.

In the era of work-from-home, connectivity should be your priority in house hunting.

This article originally appeared on LAMUDI

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