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Convenience: What Your Next Home’s Location Should Have

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Convenience: What Your Next Home’s Location Should Have

An “excellent” location means different things to different people, depending on their lifestyle preferences. Some professionals prefer a location right in the middle of a busy business district, while starting families may want to be away from the hustle and bustle. But while there are individual inclinations, there are objective factors that make a residential location better than the others. One of them is convenience. When your address makes life easier for you, it’s definitely an excellent choice of location.

But what exactly is in an address that makes life easy? It’s simple: a home that’s near everything makes for a convenient address. In the time of the pandemic, this convenience is elevated to a new level because it means avoiding the risk of being outdoors for a long period, as well as the hassle of crossing quarantine borders and showing travel documents. 

When house hunting, you should be on the lookout for a home that’s near everything, just like the vibrant community in Tanza, Cavite developed by Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS) called Micara Estates. The village, which is highly accessible via Cavite Expressway, is perfect for young professionals starting their careers and thinking about raising a family soon since it’s close to establishments that allow you to do these essential lifestyle activities:


Living near grocery stores and public markets, you’ll get what you need without a hassle. You can easily restock food, hygiene, and other household items. You’re able to find particular brands that you like, precisely because retail establishments offer a wide variety of products.

Micara Estates is only four kilometers away from the Tanza Public Market. Supermarkets Puregold Tanza and Emilu’s Mart, meanwhile, are about two to three kilometers away. With these establishments close by, you can do quick grocery and market errands even in between your online meetings. 


Spaces, where you can experience leisure and relaxation, should be near your future home as well. This includes malls, where you can dine with friends, grab a coffee, and go to the cinema once the pandemic is over. This also includes open spaces, where you can freely move and bond with your loved ones.

If you decide to live in Micara Estates Tanza, you’ll be close to Robinsons General Trias. Meanwhile, right inside the community, you’ll find a playground and multi-purpose court. In the future, when everything’s safer, you can meet and hang around with neighbors in these amenities, and have your future kids play with other children.


An excellent location must likewise be near workplaces. You don’t want to drive long distances just to get to your office desk. Even in the time of the pandemic, when the new normal is work from home, you still want to be near your workplace in case there will be adjustments to the set-up in the future, for example, reporting to the office on certain days of the week.

One of the advantages of living in Micara Estates Tanza is that you’re close to industrial estates, which host different companies. The nearest is the Cavite Export Processing Zone, six kilometers away. The Suntech iPark Imus, a vibrant hub for business process outsourcing professionals, is the next business park close to Micara Estates. In this area, you can find various career opportunities and thrive in your chosen field.


A home near a school makes for a good location, especially for those who have kids or planning to have some in the future. You’ll get a lot of savings on transportation costs. But in case starting a family isn’t in your immediate future yet, you’ll still benefit from an address near a learning institution. That’s because these learning institutions increase the value of a home, generally speaking. So either way, whether you’re looking to have a family soon or not, it’s a good idea to move to a location near schools.

Micara Estates Tanza is near prestigious schools and universities, including Tanza Comprehensive National School, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary College, Amaya Elementary School, and Cavite State University-Rosario Campus. Don’t miss the opportunity to be close to these respectable institutions and reap the lifestyle (and financial) benefits.

Stay Healthy

In the time of the pandemic, being near hospitals emerged as a priority when searching for residential locations. Of course, the last thing we want is to have a loved one sent to the emergency room, but it’s a pleasant assurance that we won’t have to travel far to have the healthcare we need. In fact, just that thought is enough to calm our anxiety during this entire crisis. Moving to Micara Estates Tanza, you can have this kind of peace of mind since it’s close to Tanza Doctors Hospital and Tanza Family General Hospital. 


Spirituality is an important part of the Filipino lifestyle. A convenient address would meet not only the physical needs of residents but also the religious. This is most important in a time of pandemic, where we badly need the social and emotional support of a community, and more importantly, the divine inspiration to go and live through the crisis. 

In Micara Estates Tanza, you will surely find worship places nearby. San Agustin Church, for instance, is only five kilometers away. You can easily connect with the religious leaders and be part of the community there, especially once the pandemic is over.

More than the aesthetics and accessibility of the neighborhood, you should prioritize the convenience a residential location offers. Life made easier makes for life enjoyed well. 

This article originally appeared on LAMUDI

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