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The Latest Updates About Micara Estates – Tanza

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Virtual Property Tours: Leveling the Field for Overseas and Local Property

In many respects, buying a property has leveled up in the last years, especially in the use of technology. Before, you’ll only be able to learn…

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3 Ways Internet-Ready Homes Support the Work-from-Home Lifestyle

A year into the health crisis that drastically changed our lives, we’ve grown used to the new normal of work…

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Convenience: What Your Next Home’s Location Should Have

An “excellent” location means different things to different people, depending on their lifestyle preferences. Some professionals prefer a location right in the middle of a busy business district…

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Pre-selling House & Lot vs Ready for Occupancy

Investing in a new home will inevitably cost a lot of money. But did you know there is one way to effectively reduce the costs of buying a house and lot? We’re talking about purchasing a pre-selling house and lot…

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Pros of Investing in Pre-selling Property

Pre-selling properties are increasing in popularity in the Philippines because of their affordability. Many who are looking to invest in the lucrative real estate market in the Philippines are opting for pre-selling properties rather than ready-for-occupancy units…

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House and Lot Cavite Thru Bank Financing

Each year, more and more people are moving out of the crowded cities of Metro Manila and into the tranquil and less polluted subdivisions of nearby Cavite to enjoy the more relaxed provincial life…

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