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Pre-selling House in Cavite

August 17, 2020

Pre-selling House in Cavite

Things You Should Consider When Buying a Preselling House

Are you in the market for your first home? Shopping for your dream home is an exciting and important milestone for anybody. But it can also be confusing and overwhelming. With so many new terms and choices, it’s normal to have a lot of questions and concerns about your first home.

Here are some things you should consider when buying preselling house and lot in Tanza, Cavite.

The Developer

When you’re buying preselling property, this basically means you’re buying property before it’s been built or completed. So you’ll want to go for a trusted and respected property developer who has a proven track record of turning over beautifully finished houses and master-planned developments.

The Property Site

If the area is accessible to you and you have the time, it’s a good idea to head over to Tanza, Cavite to view the preselling house and lot’s location. This allows you to select a prime lot (has a good view/location), and lets you see the display home, models, and plans for yourself.

The Amenities and Facilities

When you’re shopping for a Tanza, Cavite pre selling house and lot, you’re not just buying the house itself. You’re also investing in any facilities and amenities the development may have. When doing your research, check and see what facilities each one offers. Cross out the ones that don’t have any so you can narrow down your list. Then, once you visit the property site, make it a point to visit the facilities and amenities as well. Take a look at the multi-purpose court, for instance, or any nearby eating or shopping establishments if they have it. Do they have playgrounds or parks for your children to play in? Access to green open spaces? These are all key features that make life easier for you once you’ve moved into your new home.

The Layout

Once you’ve decided on a developer, you can choose which house model to invest in! Most developers will offer more than one layout, so choose the one which suits your needs. For instance, at Micara Estates – Tanza, we offer two house models to choose from. The Portia house model is ideal for those starting a family and young professionals looking for a home at an affordable price. Portia has a floor area of 40 sqm. and a lot area of 45 sqm. It has three bedrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, a toilet and bath, a powder room, a service area, and provision for one-car garage. The Felicia, on the other hand, is perfect for the needs of both starting and growing families. Felicia has a floor area of 50 sqm. and a lot area of 50 sqm. It has 3 bedrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, a toilet and bath, a powder room, a service area and a provision for one-car garage.

Felicia House Model

The Felicia house model was designed with family bonding in mind. Built to be able to grow alongside you as your family grows, it comes with multiple rooms to provide you with ample space and storage.

The living room is conveniently situated on the first floor of the home, where you can easily welcome guests as soon as they arrive. Our pre selling house and lot in Tanza, Cavite is designed to have an open layout, to make the living room look inviting and spacious. It flows right into the dining and kitchen, making preparations for meal time or entertaining easy and convenient.

There is also a powder room and guest bedroom located on the first floor for guests or your child to use.

We’ve also designed the Felicia to have a service area which can easily be converted into a laundry area.

On the second floor, you’ll find a spacious master’s bedroom, a second bedroom, and a toilet and bath. The master’s bedroom is conveniently situated across the guest bedroom, making it easy for parents to check up on their little children in the middle of the night. 

This pre-selling house in Tanza, Cavite also comes with a provision for a carport, and can easily fit in one family car. 

Portia House Model

The Portia house model was designed for starting families and young professionals looking for a home at an affordable price. Slightly smaller than our Felicia model, it is perfect for smaller families, newlywed couples, or those looking to invest in this pre-selling house in Cavite as their first home. 

The living room greets you as soon as you open the front door, ready to welcome guests warmly you’re your home. Just like the Felicia, the Portia is also designed with an open-space layout, so the living room, dining room, and kitchen flow into each other, making the rooms look bigger. 

There is also a powder room and guest bedroom located on the first floor for guests or your child to use.

We’ve also designed the Portia to have a service area which can easily be converted into a laundry area.

On the second floor, you will find the master’s bedroom, a second bedroom, and a toilet and bath. 

Tanza, Cavite pre-selling house and lot comes with a pre-built carport with enough space for one car.

The Advantages

There are many reasons why you should consider buying a pre-selling house in Cavite over a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) one.

1. Low introductory price and flexible payment schemes
As the name suggest, a pre-selling house and lot in Tanza, Cavite is sold to buyers before the actual home or unit has been built. With the absence of a physical unit to present prospective buyers, real estate developers offer pre-selling units at a much lower introductory price – sometimes at around 30% lower than a RFO unit. To make things even better, developers also offer pre-selling houses in Tanza, Cavite that come with promotions, and flexible financing options. 

You can even get discounts for things such as paying for your down payment as soon as possible or paying for it in cash.

2. Your choice of the best unit
Another benefit you get when buying a pre-selling house and lot in Cavite is that you get to choose your preferred unit. You can carefully inspect the entire master-planned community before selecting which location is most appealing to you. This could be with the best view, most convenient access to the community’s amenities, or has the best cut.

3. Enjoying new features and amenities
Buying pre-selling means you’ll be one of the development’s first residents. You’ll get to enjoy the master-planned community’s features and amenities before anybody else does. 

4. Quick ROI by the turnover date
The biggest benefit of buying pre-selling lies in the growth of the property’s value, particularly if you’re looking to buy the pre-selling house and lot in Cavite and use it as an investment. Check and see the intended completion date of the project and compare it with the demand of its location in the coming years.

Unlike condominiums that tend to depreciate over time, pre-selling houses and lots appreciate because you actually own the land itself. 

Cavite is a good place to invest in these days, as the going rate right now is competitive but is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. It’s no secret that Metro Manila has become saturated, so investor have had to look elsewhere to set up their new establishments and offices. Many investors, such as developers, corporations, and industrial companies, have all chosen Cavite as their new hub. This is because Cavite is still in close proximity to Metro Manila, being just a stone throw away from the capital and connects it to many of the other provinces such as Batangas, Quezon, and Laguna.

So yes, Cavite may be an affordable option right now, but it won’t be for long! If you miss out on investing in a pre-selling house and lot in Tanza, Cavite while the selling rates are what could be their lowest, you may regret it in five years’ time when it appreciates to five times the price!

Investing in a preselling home, or any kind of home for that matter, will always involve a lot of research. Be prepared to do a lot of reading and research about different kinds of developers, house types, and house models to find out which one suits your needs and lifestyle best. If you have any questions, our team at Micara Estates - Tanza is more than happy to help you! Just get in touch with us and we can help you with any of your concerns.