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OFWs Need to Invest House and Lot?

Why OFWs need to invest

Why OFWs Need to Invest in a House and Lot?

Many Filipinos leave their families and loved ones in search of greener pastures and better futures abroad. These modern day heroes sacrifice seeing their children grow up, spending time with the people they love most, and being alone in a foreign land all to provide their family back home with a comfortable life.

Undoubtedly, apart from supporting their loved ones’ daily lives, it’s every OFWs dream to be able to invest so they can retire comfortably back in their own country.

If you’re one of those looking to invest, the best investment for OFWs lies in Philippine real estate. Take note, however, that a house and lot investment is different from a home purchased for your own family’s use. The family home is somewhere you return to and reside in after your stint abroad.

A house and lot investment, on the other hand, is a house and lot bought with the intention of earning a profit from it. You invest in it and you reap from the benefits of it. That’s the beauty of investing in real estate.

Investment properties help earn passive income. Even before moving back home to the Philippines, you can already earn money from your investment property. Investment properties give what is called passive income, or income that is derived even when you are actively not doing anything to earn from it. The result is regular cash flow that will help speed up your retirement or help your family’s daily expenses.

Here are ways investment properties earn passive income.

  • Have the property leased

Buy a house and lot and then have it rented out. A typical occupancy contract runs for six months. These days, people are also opting to turn their home into an Airbnb home for faster occupancy turnaround. Airbnbs cater to tourists looking for a place to stay and you typically charge on a per-stay basis. You can also have it rented out to relatives and friends so that you’re assured that the renters will always take care of your investment.

  • Wait for the land value to appreciate

Land, especially ones outside of the metro, is projected to increase in land value as more and more companies have begun expanding south of the capital.

Because of this, any real estate property you invest in, especially in areas like Cavite, without the intention of selling it or earning from it immediately automatically becomes passive income because land appreciates in value.

If you buy the Felicia or Portia house model from Micara Estates – Tanza, for instance, its value could appreciate to three times the amount when you retire home to the Philippines in a few years time.

Apart from just serving as a financial investment, owning and investing in an affordable house and lot offers OFWs a sense of security that they have a home to return to and call their own once they retire from working abroad.

Invest in a Micara Estates – Tanza home today. Talk to us about your options.

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