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What to Visit in Tanza Cavite?

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Where to Go and What to Do in Tanza, Cavite

Tanza, Cavite has a colorful past and an even more exciting lifestyle today. Get to know more about this thriving municipality!

Tanza’s History

Tanza was originally a part of San Francisco de Malabon called Estancia (derived from the Spanish word which means “station”) Santa Cruz de Malabon and became a separate town in 1770. It became an independent municipality in 1910 and its name was officially changed to Tanza by virtue of Act No. 2390 by Cavite Representative Florentino Joya.

Tanza, much like the rest of Cavite, is steeped in history. Tanza is the historic location where Emilio Aguinaldo took his oath as the first president of the revolutionary government of the Philippines. It is also the hometown of Felipe G. Calderon, also known as the Father of the Malolos Constitution.


There’s always something going on in Tanza! Tanza is known for its many festivals, the most popular of which are the Sapyaw and LoHiTor festivals.

LoHiTor Festival

The LoHiTor Festival is celebrated every year on February 28th in honor of the feast of Tata Usteng (St. Augustine), the patron saint of Tanza. Derived from the words lobo, higante, and toro, it features street dancing performances, parade of bands, and colorful activities that last the whole day long.

LoHiTor is a peculiar festival as it does not really feature any of the words that make up the name!

For instance, lobo (balloon) stands for the hot air balloons, made from used paper and kerosene, that are then lit and flown into the open air every August, during the town’s Feast Day.

Higate (giants) is represented through the giant paper mache creations that give tribute to the town.

Lastly, the town creates a paper mache toro (bull) that’s armed with fireworks which the townspeople chase around. Both higante and toro are only featured as well during the town’s feast day in August.

LoHiTor, instead, features 19 colorful floats, each representing a different school in Tanza. Schools typically feature something about the rich history and culture of Tanza City.

Sapyaw Festival

The Sapyaw festival is held every 20th of August to honor Tanza’s patron saint, Tata Usteng (St. Augustine) as well as to commemorate the day the municipality earned its name. For this reason, it is also known as “Araw ng Tanza.”

Residents from different barangays come together in brightly colored outfits to dance all day in the streets to honor St. Augustine. At night, residents release sky lanterns and chase around a paper mache bull covered with fireworks.

Must-eat dishes

Tanzanian food is heavily influenced by Spanish culture. There are several unique Tanza specialties that will definitely tickle your tastebuds!


Pipian is a similar dish to kare-kare, but instead of using beef, it has chicken as its primary ingredient. It has its roots mainly in Mexico and was brought to the Cavite through the galleon trade. Pipian is prepared by putting the chicken skin side down in the pan with sauteed garlic. Broth, rice flour, peanut butter, atsuete water, and spring onions are then added to the pan.

The name pipian comes from a Mexican sauce made out of pumpkin seeds, but because Spanish friars did not have access to pumpkins, they had to use peanuts in the recipe instead.


Although resembling dinuguan, tinumis takes its flavor from sampaloc instead of vinegar. It’s made from pork mask that’s been sauteed with garlic and onions and seasoned with fish sauce before being brought to a boil. Once the meat is soft and tender, the pig’s blood is added through a sieve to ensure there are no lumps. Finally, sampaloc and chilis are added. Some restaurants and homes add coconut to their tinumis.

Must-see places

From old houses to beaches, Tanza’s got it all. With so much to do, there’s really no reason to spend your weekends holed up in malls. Here are some spots you should check out.

Calle Real

From one of Tanza’s oldest houses, Calle Real has been transformed into one of Tanza’s most beloved restaurants. It serves traditional Caviteno dishes including squid pancit or pancit choko using secret recipes that have been kept within the family and handed down from generation to generation.

This elegant restaurant is set-up in 1920s era house on a street lined with many other pre-war houses, each one with its unique story to tell. Most of the house have preserved their original features, such as the stained glass transoms, Art Deco ventanillas, and intricate calado wood tracery.

Calle Real serves mouth-watering dishes that match the impeccable architecture of the restaurant. We recommend you try the various paella dishes they serve, their pancit choko, and their binagoongang baboy.

To end your meal on a sweet note, head upstairs to the Pink Table. What once was the owner’s second-floor home has been transformed into a picture-perfect cafe filled with decadent desserts and indulgent cakes.

Casa Hacienda De Tanza

Casa Hacienda De Tanza, located in the town of Biwas, is one of the few remaining Spanish-era houses in Cavite. Formerly known as Casa Hacienda de Sta. Cruz de Malabon was formerly owned by Spanish Friars of the Dominican Order. The hacienda was later passed on to Capitan Municipal Francisco P. Valencia to reward him for his faithful leadership in the restoration of peace and prosperity in the province. Today, it is still in possession of the Valencia family.

Postema Beaches

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy some sun, sand, and surf! Tanza has its very own beach you can enjoy with just a short drive. Either bring your own beach towels and hang out on the beach or head on to one of the many beach resorts. The good news is many of them offer day passes which give you access to facilities such as cabanas, pools, showers, and even wave pools!

Tanza is less than two hours away from Metro Manila and is accessible via the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) or the Manila–Cavite Expressway (CAVITEx). Come visit Tanza for a quick weekend getaway and pass by Micara Estates – Tanza where you can find an affordable house and lot in Cavite that you will surely fall in love with.

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