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Micara Land Affordable Housing

Micara Estates Tanza Making housing more affordable for Filipinos families

Micara Estates – Tanza: Making Housing More Affordable for Filipino Families

A house, by definition, is a structure that provides living quarters for people. This dwelling, however, signifies so much more for a family with kids. Members of the household can find comfort, share stories, and strengthen bonds with one another. Families who have a home they can call their own enjoy the following benefits:

  • A Place for Imparting Filipino Values – The Filipino home is a place where parents can instill traditional Pinoy values on their kids. At an early age, children learn positive family values, such as pagpapahalaga sa pamilya (placing family before anything else), pakikisama (helping others), utang na loob (gratitude), and takot sa Diyos (fear of God, particularly a sense of respect to the Lord).
  • A Place to Build Memories – A long-lasting and stable home provides children with the foundation of beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Parents can take the opportunity to impart feelings of permanence, attachment, and security to their sons or daughters.
  • Freedom from Increases in Rent – Unanticipated rental price increases can be difficult for families. Parents, for instance, will have to save more to pay for the tuition of their children. 

Homebuying Seen as a Challenge for Filipinos 

Despite the many benefits of living in a house, not many families have a home of their own. A representative study conducted by ZipMatch, an informative website that offers information on real estate trends, revealed the common reasons for not owning a home. The top three responses were the following:

  • Insufficient savings 
  • Feelings of uncertainty over the respondent’s capability to purchase a house
  • Monthly salary not enough to make monthly amortization payments or pay for a deposit

The Other Costs Involved in Buying a Home

Besides the down payment and the amortization, Filipino homebuyers must consider the other expenses involved in purchasing a house. These include the:

  • Reservation Fee – A homebuyer interested in purchasing a specific house needs to make a reservation payment to hold the property and take it down from the market. The actual reservation fee will depend on the value of the property chosen by the buyer. 
  • Taxes – Residential property buyers are required to pay legal fees related to the purchase of a home. This includes the value-added tax (12 percent of the sale price), documentary stamp tax (1.5 percent of the selling price of the property), and local transfer tax (percentage varies depending on the region; Cavite has a transfer tax of 1.1 percent).
  • Loan Fees – The buyer needs to shell out cash for loan fees when they apply for a housing loan. The amount varies depending on the lender.

Advantages of Affordable Housing Benefits to Filipinos

Micara Estates – Tanza is passionate about providing Filipino families with affordable housing because it greatly improves the quality of life of residents. Thanks to our carefully thought-out master-planned community, we can make health facilities, job opportunities, and education easily accessible in a gated and secure setting. 

Affordable housing is essential because:

It’s healthy

People need and deserve a safe and secure place to live. Providing Filipinos with affordable housing options in Tanza, Cavite can lead to multiple positive benefits on the residents’ health and well-being by:

  • Reducing the financial burden Filipinos have to face and reallocating the funds towards healthcare and healthier food.
  • Providing residential stability.
  • Reducing stress and improving mental health.
  • Minimizing the health risks associated with poor quality housing such as asthma, infections, and even psychological issues.
  • Improving self-confidence due to homeownership.
  • Increasing a sense of security.

It’s Beneficial for the Children

Without a doubt, quality and affordable housing can positively affect a child’s health and well-being – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Studies have shown that poor or even substandard housing conditions – including pest problems, structural damage, lack of proper lighting and ventilation, exposed wiring – can lead to psychological and emotional stress, both on the child and on the parents. These include anxiety and depression, behavioral problems like lying, extreme rage, and disrespectfulness.

On the other hand, children raised in better quality housing were shown to have better intellectual and mental abilities than children in low-quality housing.

It Builds Better Communities

Affordable master-planned communities can improve the lives and well-being of their residents. Affordable housing with lots of open spaces provides its residents with opportunities for social connection, encouraging neighbors to get to know each other and to foster deeper connections with one another. It also limits the number of people in the community, preventing overcrowding, and increasing the overall property value.

Master-planned communities typically have commercial and retail establishments built right beside and inside the community, which also gives other Filipino opportunities for employment.

By creating an attractive community in what was once a rather rural location, development such as Micara Estates – Tanza can also attract big investors to come into Tanza, Cavite to bring in even more work opportunities for the people.

By providing affordable housing to Filipinos in Cavite, Micara Estates – Tanza is able to create a community of respectable professionals who can create a better environment for everybody. Affordable, quality housing attracts members of society such as teachers, policemen, nurses, and engineers to the community, all of whom are important service providers and can greatly improve the quality of living of the residents.

Homes Made Affordable for the Filipino Family

A house, despite the many fees involved, doesn’t need to be expensive. Micara Estates – Tanza recognizes this and makes sure to provide families with value for their money. 

We offer affordable house and lot for sale in Cavite, specifically in Tanza. You’ll find our community along Antero Soriano Highway in Barangay Sahud-UIan. 

As an affordable housing developer, we want to provide people with a home that does not hurt their wallets and lets them express their care and love for their family.

Providing an “Alagang Micara” Experience

We go beyond pre-selling a house and lot in Tanza, Cavite. We take the time to satisfy the needs of every Filipino family and give them a place they can truly call home. This is our “Alagang Micara” experience, which includes the following:

  • Alaga ang Everyday Needs – Future residents can go to Micara Plaza to purchase basic goods and services. This commercial center is home to service outlets, such as Caltex gas station and a 7-11 convenience store. You will find the plaza along the Antero Soriano Highway.
  • Alaga ang Family Bonding – Spend quality time with the whole family near the Micara Estates – Tanza community. You don’t need to go far for a resort experience, as residents have access to various resorts within Tanza.
  • Alaga ang Security – We value your feeling of security and safety. You’ll find the houses enclosed in a gated community and guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our roving guards patrol the streets to keep you and your family safe.
  • Alaga ang Edukasyon – You won’t need to enroll your child in a school that’s far from your place of residence. Tanza has private and public schools nearby, which makes getting quality education more convenient for families. 

Sa Micara Estates – Tanza, micarapatan ka na sa affordable homes! Visit us at PRO-FRIENDS Center, 55 Tinio Street, Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City or send us a message on our Facebook page for more information about our affordable house and lot for sale in Tanza.

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