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The Difference Between Urban and Suburban Living

Metro living has many advantages, but so does suburban living. One thing is for certain, though – living in the city is vastly different from living in the province, so if you plan to move to the latter, get ready to make a few lifestyle changes.

Here are a few key differences between suburb and city living you need to know of.

1. Space

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of space in the Metro. Most homes available to young professionals or families are condominium units, ranging from studio, one-, two-, or three-bedroom in size. To be able to find a home bigger than this that is available is not only rare, but it would also be quite expensive.

This is not a problem in the province, though. Most affordable houses and lots for sale near Metro Manila are spacious, two- or three-storey townhomes situated within master planned communities. You and your family can enjoy having backyard barbecues on the weekend, take leisurely walks every day, or get to know and form a true bond with your neighbors.

2. Cost of Living

Urban vs suburban cost of living is very different, which is good for those wanting to stretch their savings.

The price many would pay for a condo unit, typically a studio at that, in a central business district in Manila would be the same you would pay for a beautifully made three-bedroom home in the suburbs.

Food and other commodities are also typically much cheaper in the province. If you typically pay around P300 for a meal in the Metro, you can find the same quality one for at least half the price in the provinces.

Places of attraction such as movie houses, theme parks, and even utilities are also cheaper in the province as compared to Metro Manila.

3. Attractions

The attractions that are available in the provinces may not necessarily be what you are used to in the city.

For instance, in the city, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the many art galleries, movie theaters, malls, restaurants, and bars you can go to. It seems like there’s a new one opening that is waiting to be discovered.

In the province, however, this may not be the case. If you move to a province such as Cavite, the seat of history in the Philippines, you’ll be surrounded by many historical places, museums, and points of interest.

There will also be malls around, but they won’t be as many as the ones in the Metro.

Instead, you’ll have the option to visit the many nearby provinces, beaches, and mountains. You can basically have a new adventure with your family each weekend!


There is no right or wrong answer if living in the suburbs is better than living in the city. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your preference, the quality of life you want to live, and how far you want to stretch your savings.

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