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Buy Your First Home with Confidence Using Our Handy Checklist!

A good home is a good investment. Unfortunately, not everyone has a discerning eye for a good deal, so anyone in the market looking for a new property should put a lot of thought before investing. Buying a property is a big decision and comes with many factors in mind. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or starting a new life in a home with your young family, check out this list of valuable home buying skills before deciding on your new home.

Budgeting is Your Best Friend

Keeping tabs on your monthly expenses is a great way to gauge whether or not you are ready for a big investment like buying your first home. This would give you a better idea on how much money you would need to save or loan in order to make your purchase. Budgeting money for your house fund, or doing some serious accounting with your current assets, are great ways of knowing where you stand and how much more you need.

The general rule is that your monthly mortgage payments must not exceed 30 percent of your monthly take-home pay. You can even use the Micara assessment page or check this budgeting guide to make a more informed decision regarding your investment, and select your home and financial payment plan based on your findings.

Research, research, research!

When doing your initial research for home hunting, make sure to compile a detailed list of locations, properties, and contact numbers. A pros and cons list might also come in handy. What amenities are close by? Is it convenient and are your needs readily accessible? Is the developer proactive when it comes to inquiries? Are the financial plans flexible? Leave no question unasked, as any information you have can better inform your investment. Having a home in a prime location may sound good on paper but may leave you to face heavy traffic daily just traveling to your workplace.

Consider provincial options like Cavite, which puts the Metro within reach while living a peaceful provincial life. This pre-selling house and lot in Cavite is a great option for new families or families looking for a life that fuses the slow-paced provincial vibe with the cosmopolitan feel of the city.

An Eye for Design

Design is so much more than just the aesthetics. While modern design is often simple and clean lines, its beauty is only possible and sustainable when executed with good materials. Our Felicia and Portia townhouses marry form and function with class and durability. Having a beautiful home that fits your needs and style will make it easier to match future furniture and decorations.

Organization is Key

Keeping track of all deadlines and files needed requires hard work and attention. It may be best to keep a separate folder to track submission dates and documents to avoid misplacing them or missing important deadlines. Partner with your agent and stay on top of all processes with their help. Choosing a good developer will ensure seamless communication between you and your agent from inquiry to acquisition, to after sales support.

Buying your first home is no easy feat—it’s a lengthy process but one that will surely be worth the investment when you consider the many happy memories that you and your family can look forward to. Start planning and seize a bright future with your dream home today!

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