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Learn How Virtual Tours Revolutionized Real Estate in a Pandemic

For many hopeful house hunters, shopping for properties online can be intimidating. Now, more than ever, these challenges have grown exponentially. In a pandemic, conventional property shopping and viewing has severely dwindled due to the unique challenges that have arisen since 2020. The need for properties and homes, though, tells a different story. Living through COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed our lives, and has brought the focus back to what matters most: family. The challenges of this pandemic don’t have to stop us from fulfilling our dreams of finding our dream home.

New Technologies for New Homes

Virtual property tours for house-viewing have been around even before the pandemic. Usually reserved for overseas buyers and investors, these free virtual tours of homes for sale serve as a prelude to an actual on-site viewing. With strict travel guidelines and bans , as well as increased risks of contracting virus during an on-site viewing, the real estate industry’s 3D virtual tours has developed into a viable replacement. We at Micara have pushed all boundaries in order to give our clients the best experience possible when touring our virtual show homes.

Don’t let the New Normal keep you from living in your dream home. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider availing our 3D virtual tour service!

1. Immersive Technology

With roots in immersive gaming technology, 3D or virtual property tours are quickly becoming the more viable substitute for on-site viewing. As the process of virtually viewing properties grows more and more detailed with technological advancements, interested buyers can watch our properties come alive with virtual show homes that are accurate, vibrant, and dynamic.

2. Safety Guaranteed

Here at Micara, your safety is our number one priority. By reducing physical exposure and eliminating the need for our buyers to do a personal visit, our team has created virtual show homes that give you a closer look at what our homes have to offer. View our properties and their amenities without the hassle or the danger of traveling to our location.

3. Anytime, Anywhere

As more and more developers adjust to the pandemic’s limitations, the best one becomes easier to spot. With clients’ interests and convenience in mind, developers now offer 3D virtual tours that are accessible anytime, anywhere. Avail free virtual tours of our homes for sale from the comfort of your own home while you kick back, relax, and browse our selection of available properties. Say goodbye to long flights and tiring commutes!

4. Cost-Efficient

Now that you’ve saved on flights and trips, turning your house into a home becomes much easier. You can focus on creating happy memories in your new home. Virtual tours of Micara’s homes for sale are 100% free and is part of the tireless service we wish to extend to our prospecting OFWs looking for properties to invest in.

Virtual home tours are becoming more and more necessary for the real estate industry. During these difficult times, it is important to partner with a developer who can understand and accommodate your needs. If you are in the market for a new property, view our virtual show homes from the safety of your own and shop an idyllic and affordable house and lot for sale in Cavite today!

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