Why OFWs Should Invest in A Pre-Selling Home

Are you looking to buy a new home? You may want to consider buying a pre-selling property. If you’re still on the fence about pre-selling properties or are confused about what it is, we’re here to clear up a few details to help you make a more informed decision about your real estate investment.

First of all…

What is a pre-selling house and lot?

A pre-selling property is a kind of real estate property (whether that’s a condominium, townhouse, single attached house, or house and lot) that is sold by the real estate developer prior to its completion.

Benefits of Buying Pre-selling

More Affordable

Those interested in investing in real estate, especially for ones with a tight budget, should look into investing in a pre-selling house and lot or pre-selling townhouse vs a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) condominium. Pre-selling properties are cheaper than their RFO counterparts, sometimes going as low as 30-50% cheaper. Apart from being more affordable, developers that offer pre-selling properties often are more flexible when it comes to their payment schemes. There are many developers that give discounted rates and low down payment prices for their pre-selling properties, as well as an in-house financing option in the event that the potential homeowner fails to secure a bank housing loan.

Pick of the Lot

We mean this literally when we say you get the pick of the lot when you choose to buy pre-selling. When you buy a RFO unit or home, you get what’s available. So, this may or may not be your ideal location in the community or your preferred floor in the building. This is seldom the case when purchasing a pre-selling property. Potential homeowners are given the privilege to choose their preferred lot or unit location early on in the construction phase or sometimes even prior to the project launch. This gives you the chance to choose your home according to your precise needs and wants. Do you want a corner home close to the entrance of the village? That’s not a problem when you buy pre-selling. Want a home that’s closer to the amenities like the multi-purpose court? You can easily arrange for that as well.

Investment Opportunity

Perhaps you’re not looking to buy a house and lot to move into. You can purchase a pre-selling house and lot in Cavite and use it as an investment vehicle. Many people choose to buy a pre-selling house, especially because of their low cost, and use them as rental homes upon its completion instead. Because of the prime location of the lot, it is an attractive property to renters, making it easy for the homeowner to have it rented out. This provides the homeowner with a passive income flow with barely any effort. The homeowner can also choose to sell the property once the land value has double or tripled in around five years’ time.

Don’t miss out on this prime investment opportunity. Talk to us at Micara Estates – Tanza about investing in a pre-selling house and lot in Cavite today.

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