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The Real Estate Outlook in 2021

The Philippines has become one of the hotspots for investments in Asia as it continues to experience a rise in economic growth in recent years. In fact, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign investors continue to set up shop in various locations in the country. Real estate in the Philippines is proving, once again, its resiliency, just like it did in the years past during the Asian and Global Financial Crises.

Forecasts show that investing in real estate in 2021 remains to be a safe and stable option as numerous developments, i.e., corporate, residential, commercial, and even infrastructure, are slated for completion in the coming years.

Real estate experts continue to assert that real estate investing still shows record high-levels in take-up, supply, prices, and land values.

Investing During the Pandemic

Real estate has experienced a bit of a standstill during the pandemic but is expected to bounce back stronger than ever. Property values are still showing signs of high-yield and lucrative returns, making it a good investment opportunity.

If you are looking to invest in real estate, now would be the best time because prices are quite low. Experts state that those looking to invest in real estate should be in it for the long-haul, as real estate investing are long-term investments. Don’t worry or stress out if the market doesn’t turn up right away. The thing about investing in real estate is that it’s a waiting game and land value does not appreciate overnight. Instead, it may take a few years before you get to reap the fruits of your investment.

What is the Best Real Estate to Invest In?

While there is no shortage in condominium units these days, it is for this exact reason we recommend that you steer clear of them. Developers, particularly in Metro Manila, have grabbed every available space in the Metro in order to build more condominium units for the working class. The result is an over-supply in condominium units.

In fact, the number of vacancies went up from 5% to 7% in condominiums in Metro Manila.

This is due in part to more and more people are seeing the advantage of living outside the Metro.

Apart from getting to live a more relaxed lifestyle while still living close enough to the capital, a house and lot for sale in Cavite comes out to around the same price as a studio unit in a central business district in Metro Manila. Without a doubt, a house and lot prove to be a better investment than a condo unit because you get to have the title to the land itself (whereas when you buy a condo unit, you do not have the title to the land). This means you get to appreciate the gains of the increase in land appreciation over time.

On top of this, many investors are also choosing to invest outside of Metro Manila due to the lower cost of living it entails.

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